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The lady who is the owner of J biyou seikei/ J plastic surgery in Oahu, Hawaii treats the customers with really bad manner and bad arrogant attitude.

She abuse the innocent customers with verbal accusations. She never admitted her faults and just gave the customers mental anguish. She never appreciated them purchasing the cosmetics. Her attitude and manner was horrible.

The cosmetics that customers purchased at J Plastic Surgery / J biyouseikei in Oahu, Hawaii were defective. They tried to show her those, but she doesn't even try to see those and just ignore them and started to attack them without apologizing or any trying.

Their attitude towards the customers were worst.



I heard that The owner Yuko who is not a doctor nor a nurse, performs medical procedures herself to cutomers which is not allowed in Hawaii.There are so many horror stories by this business.

Most recently, a lady was rushed to ER after the lazer procedure was done by Yuko. She almost lost her eye sight.

They make you sign papers saying that they won't be responsible for anything that happens after.Stay away!


I got laser treatment. Because my Japanese friend recommended.


My skin was damaged and discolored with their treatment.

J Plastic Surgery / J Biyou Seikei is dangerous. Don't go there.


J Plastic Surgery is same company as 'J Biyou Seikei' in Oahu, Hawaii?

Their laser treatment is dangerous. My 2 friends' skin were damaged by their treatment!!


Yes, she was really rude to me also.She is Japanese lady, right?

I bought the Obaji from them and mine was defective, changed color also.

She told me to wait for more than 1 week without telling me bring it.Even though she didn't see it, she just ignored me also.

I felt sorry for her to has to be aggressive and negative to others, not to be able to admit her fault, never appreciate the customers.

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